• Medicare Online - DVA -  Allied

  • Medicare ECLIPSE for In-Patient Health Fund Claims

  • Tyro Easyclaim - Tyro EFTPOS - Tyro  HealthPoint

  • MIMS Integrated and eRX

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Cloud Medical Practice Management System

Browser Web Application


Cloud Managed Desktop Application

Provides all of the benefits of a cloud Web Application and maintains full integration with all of your office applications and devices/printers

SAAS Web in Dashboard Mode
SAAS Desktop
Put your Practice Online -
With Web and Windows

Integrated EFTPOS 

EFTPOS is now essential in your Practice, SaaS Web provides seamless integration with Tyro EFTPOS in all billing processes.

Hosted on Azure
Integrated with Tyro Easclaims, Healthpoin and EFTPOS
Prescriptions use MIMS Integrated data
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Tyro HealthPoint provides fast, easy Health Fund claiming - and fully integrated with SaaS Web

Integrated with ..

SAAS Web and

SAAS Cloud Desktop


Medicare Online capabilities for Bulk Billing, DVA, and Patient Claims


ECLIPSE for In-Patient Billing


Online Patient Verification, direct bill and claim at the same time, or batch claims at the end of day.

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SAAS Medical Systems is partnered with MIMS and eRx to provide a fully integrated Prescriptions module.

MIMS Data facilitates Drug Interactions and Allergy Alerts.

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eRx Script Exchange provides safe and secure prescription information transmission between doctors and pharmacists.

Medical Reports

Letters can be created using the SAAS Medical Systems Report Editor.  

Use of Microsoft Word is optional.


SaaS Web is fully integrated with Tyro Medicare Easyclaim. Offers seamless patient payments in seconds.


Prescriptions Module is seamlessly integrated with Patient Clinical Records

Combined with Patient Alerts in addition to MIMS Drug Interactions with patient history and Allergy Alerts.

Taking Notes

Patient Referral and Request Letters. All letters and documents are stored in a secure, encrypted database. The SAAS Medical Report Editor uses templates to auto-fill patient and doctor information.

Doctor with Files

The Pathology module provides Pathology Ordering and facilities for automatic downloading and integrating Pathology Results in most industry standard formats (e.g. PIT and HL7)

Pathology Requests/Results


Streamlined Appointments

Streamlined Appointments

The SaaS Medical online application SAAS Web includes Streamlined Appointments – a rich-featured responsive web interface with drag and drop functionality.

Recalls and Reminders

Patient Recalls and Reminders. Recalls and Reminders for periodic and urgent visits. Reports, Letters, email, Mail Merge and SMS reminders to assist in patient management care.

Child Physiotherapy
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SAAS Medical Systems can eliminate most of the complexities of running a Practice Management System.  No Servers to take care of - all backups and updates to reference data (Medicare, MIMS Data, Clinical Coding Systems) are all managed for you.

Let us know who you are and we will provide more information about how to get started.