SAAS Desktop


Cloud Practice Management System

Desktop Application for power users

The desktop application runs in conjunction with SAAS Web.


Your practice is online.

No database management required. Simply configure the desktop application to connect to your SAAS Web account.


Desktop application updates are also automated.

SAAS Desktop has a number of advanced features and integration with other Windows applications.

SAAS Desktop - Advanced User-Interface (UI) Features 

Although SAAS Web and SAAS Desktop share most of the advanced User-Interface features - SAAS Desktop has a few additional capabilities.

One such example is that most application data can be exported to Excel with a single click. This feature adds great versatility for power users (e.g. - Accountants and Practice Managers)

11-Oct-18 8-13-12 PM.png
11-Oct-18 8-18-05 PM.png

Example table in SAAS Web

Same table in SAAS Desktop

11-Oct-18 8-13-12 PM.png

Same table in Excel

SAAS Medical Systems contact

SAAS Medical Systems can eliminate most of the complexities of running a Practice Management System.  No Servers to take care of - all backups and updates to reference data (Medicare, MIMS Data, Clinical Coding Systems) are all managed for you.

Let us know who you are and we will provide more information about how to get started.