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Cloud Practice Management System

Any Browser - Anywhere

Securely access your patient records, billing and medical records from any web browser.

Your practice is online.


If you work from home or from multiple locations, SAAS Web is always available.

SAAS Medical Systems SAAS Web  allows you to take advantage  of current technology.


No need to carry a laptop and you can use any device anywhere to easily and securely access your patient records. Allows you and your Practice staff to work from home when required.

Eliminates computer setup and maintenance issues.

SAAS Medical Systems is the up-to-date solution that makes your life easier.


Make your life easier

Customise your menus and screens

Change menu and screen formats.


Use the Standard Mode Format for smaller screen formats, touch-screens and iPads.


Use the Dashboard Layout for larger screen formats.

To change from one format to the other - simply click the selection on the menu. It's easy.

Standard Mode facilitates use with touch-screens.
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Home Page

From the Home Page, you can quickly access the same functions that are available on your desktop or laptop application.


 A Quick Links menu allows rapid access to some of the most used functions.


The same data is accessed from either the desktop application, or from the browser.

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The Home Page is shown here in both Dashboard Format Mode and Standard Format Mode.

Standard Mode Format is recommended for Tablets and Touch Screens.

  • Reduce the time,effort, and cost of implementing multiple desktop applications.
  • Your private encrypted database is fully managed, and you can get connected easily.

  • Get your staff online and working simply by assigning credentials.

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SAAS Medical Systems can eliminate most of the complexities of running a Practice Management System.  No Servers to take care of - all backups and updates to reference data (Medicare, MIMS Data, Clinical Coding Systems) are all managed for you.

Let us know who you are and we will provide more information about how to get started.