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Connecting to SaaS Web

Where is my Data?

All data is stored in Microsoft Azure Data Centres in Australia

Medicare Claims

What's the difference between Medicare Online and Medicare Easyclaims?

Medicare Online submits claims directly. Medicare Easyclaims are submitted via a provider (SaaS Web uses Tyro). Using Medicare Easyclaims means you get paid straight-away.

Data Security

Is the data secure?

All data is secure ...

Getting Started

How do I get connected to start using SaaS Web?

Simply apply. Provide your Practice details and some basic information and we set it up for you. The onboarding process may take from 1-3 days.


What is HealthPoint

HealthPoint is ...


Which EFTPOS Providers are supported

Tyro is the only supported UFTPOS for full integration

General Practice

Specialist Practice

Ancillary Providers