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SaaS Medical Systems Practice Management is a Windows Desktop application - and a Web Application.

Same data, same functions. Access your SaaS Medical Practice Management System from your laptop, or online from any web browser, anywhere.


Do you work from several locations?


SaaS Medical allows you to work from your own laptop, or from any computer, anywhere.

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Mobile Doctors Desk
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SaaS Medical Web

Access your SaaS Medical Practice Management system with a rich-featured responsive web interface.


Eliminates computer setup and maintenance issues.

Quickly and easily access the same functions that are available on your desktop or laptop application.

Allows you and your Practice staff to work from home when required.


Run from any web browser - desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Streamlined Appointments

Streamlined Appointments


The SaaS Medical online application SAAS Web includes Streamlined Appointments – a rich-featured responsive web interface with drag and drop functionality

SaaS Medical Cloud Desktop

In addition to SAAS Web - you can download SAAS Cloud Desktop to run on your laptop or PC.


Still no setup or maintenance issues.

The desktop application works in conjunction with SAAS Web.


No database management required. Simply configure the desktop application to connect to your SAAS Web account.

Visit My Doctor

Link SAAS Medical Systems Web based practice management (SAAS Web) to Visit My Doctor.

Allow your patients to quickly and easily book an appointment online at

Visit My Doctor securely links with your own appointments database, so you are completely in control.

The interface is designed to be easy and quick to use. Encouraging patients to book online saves time.

SaaS Medical Mobile Doctor's Desk

for Android and iPad

Wi-Fi tablet mobility for medical practices using SaaS Medical Practice Management System.

This is a client-server application specifically designed to work with the SaaS Medical Practice Management System database

another good reason why you should consider SAAS Medical Practice Management System for your practice

Implementation Options

There are are number of options for implementing SaaS Medical Practice Management System.

SaaS Medical Desktop is a client-server system - and the server (database) can be deployed anywhere.

Where the database is deployed depends on how many people access the data, and your preferences for managing the database.

MIMS Integrated Prescriptions

MIMS Integrated50.png

Prescriptions integrated with MIMS Data


The SaaS Medical Desktop Prescription module is integrated with MIMS Data.

Includes Drug Interactions and Allergy Alerts.

Electronic Prescriptions

Integrated with eRx Script Exchange


eRx Script Exchange provides safe and secure prescription information transmission between doctors and pharmacists.

Electonic Pathology Results

The Pathology module provides Pathology Ordering and facilities for automatic downloading and integrating Pathology Results in most industry standard formats (e.g. PIT and HL7)

Lab Experiment