Medicare Online -
Notice of Integration (NOI)

Medicare Online capabilities available for Bulk Billing, DVA, and Patient Claims. 


A number of additional features facilitating easy receipting and reconciliation of Medicarepayments is also included.


You have the ability to perform Online Patient Verification, directly bill and claim at the same time, or batch claims at the end of day.

The Medicare Online functions incorporated into SAAS Medical Practice Management System are:-

  •       Bulk Bill(DBS)

  •       Departmentof Veterans Affairs Paperless Streamlined (DVA)

  •       PatientClaims Interactive (PCI)

  •       PatientClaims Store and Forward (PCS)

  •       Online PatientVerification (OPV)

  •       OnlineConcession Entitlement Verification (OCV)

  •       OnlineVeteran Verification (OVV)