Tyro EFTPOS Integration

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Integrated EFTPOS allows SAAS Web to communicate directly with your Tyro EFTPOS machine.


There are many benefits to integration but in general it results in faster transactions, fewer errors and easier reconciliation.

SAAS Medical Systems have worked closely with Tyro to provide a seamless integrated payment, reporting and reconciliation solution. 


Tyro now supports Alipay - which means it is also supported on SAAS Web.

Tyro are the champions for better business banking. In 2003, their founders saw an opportunity to challenge the traditional banks by using innovative technology to offer a faster, more secure EFTPOS payments solution to Australian businesses.

With more than 300 partnerships with POS / PMS, Tyro provide tailored and integrated EFTPOS, eCommerce and banking solutions which free up time for businesses, enabling them to be champions at what they do.

Tyro EFTPOS features include:

  • Reliable 99.9% EFTPOS availability

  • Fast transaction speeds

  • Seamless Practice Management System integration, reducing keying-errors or time spent manually reconciling

  • Sale amounts communicated automatically from the Practice Management System to EFTPOS

  • Integrated receipts, no time wasted stapling receipts together



For more information, visit Tyro and one of their payments specialists will be in touch

Tyro Medicare Easyclaim

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SaaS Web is fully integrated with Tyro Medicare Easyclaim. Offers seamless patient payments in seconds.

EFTPOS and electronic claiming are now a must for healthcare providers. 


How does EFTPOS work with Medicare Easyclaim?



There are three ways your patients pay you:

  • Patient Paid

Here your patient pays you the full consultation fee upfront. With ntegrated Easyclaim they can swipe their EFTPOS card through your terminal and receive their Medicare rebate back in 11 seconds. This way, your patient leaves your practice with their rebate in their bank account.

  • Bulk Billed

In this situation, your patient does not pay you anything. Instead of you having to print off a DB voucher for your patient to sign, they can instead assign their right to benefit by pressing a button on your Tyro EFTPOS machine. There’s no need to waste paper or time! The claim is submitted to Medicare immediately and paid the following business day in a lump sum with all other approved claims.

  • Part Payment

This means that your patient pays part of the consultation cost. They then get a Medicare cheque for the balance in their mail, which they’ll have to drop off at your practice.

Using an EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim capability means that your patients can both make payments and receive their rebates through your terminals. Here are four ways your practice can benefit from EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim:

1. Less Paperwork, Less Headaches

Are your staff rekeying purchase totals into their EFTPOS terminal? If you’re running a modern day Practice Management Software, integrating with your EFTPOS will mean that all your sales are centralised, making reconciliation effortless. 

2. Faster Payments

2-second EFTPOS transactions. Integrated Easyclaim and the resulting 11-second rebates will help you run a tighter ship and reduce wait time between customers.

3. Streamlined Billing and Claiming Processes

There’s no need for multiple terminals to serve multiple practitioners when you use Tyro. Streamlining your billing process will mean much less administration for you and your staff.

4. Patients Medicare Claiming on the spot

Give your patients the convenience of Medicare Claiming on the spot, in your practice. With Integrated Medicare Easyclaim your patients walk out with their rebate. Following full payment, you can swipe your patient’s EFTPOS card and their rebate is deposited directly into their bank account.


Tyro HealthPoint

For more information, visit Tyro and one of their payments specialists will be in touch

Allied and Ancillary Health professionals can use their Tyro EFTPOS machines to improve patient payment and Health Fund claiming services.


Tyro HealthPoint is an alternative to HICAPS and is fully integrated with SAAS Web.


With SAAS Medical Systems -  ancillary providers such as Podiatry, Chiro, Physio, Osteo, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage and Dietitians and others can easily process most Health Fund claims.

SAAS Web integration with Tyro HealthPoint provides:-

  •  Tap & Go/Pay Wave capability

  •  Easy Integration –multiple Front Desk workstations can share one integrated Tyro HealthPoint / EFTPOS terminal

  •  Easy installation – uses Wi-Fi

Tyro HealthPoint provides simple, fast payments and Health Fund claiming - benefits that are appreciated by both the practice and their patients.

For more information, visit Tyro and one of their payments specialists will be in touch