Cloud based Dual Interface

One System - Dual Interface

SaaS Web is a responsive Web Application - hosted on Azure data centres.

SaaS Cloud Desktop is a powerful managed Windows Application from your own laptop or desktop

Use your Credentials to log in to SaaS Web. You will be connected to your unique Practice system hosted on Microsoft Azure.


Use the same SaaS Web Credentials that you use to log in to SaaS Web. SaaS Cloud Desktop will be connect you to the same Practice system hosted on Microsoft Azure.

SaaS Web is a pure Cloud Practice Management System

Securely access your patient records, billing and medical records from any web browser.

SaaS Cloud Desktop is a Windows Desktop Application for power users. The desktop application runs in conjunction with SAAS Web.

Together - this provides all of the benefits of a cloud based Web Application while maintaining full integration with your existing office applications and all of your devices and printers.

For the most part - SaaS Web and SaaS Cloud Desktop use the same code. The difference of course is that SaaS Web is processed on the SAAS Medical Systems Web Servers hosted on Azure - and the SaaS Cloud Practice Management system is a Client/Server application running on your own PC or laptop - but uses the same Azure hosted database.

Best of Both Worlds

SAAS Medical Systems contact

SAAS Medical Systems can eliminate most of the complexities of running a Practice Management System.  No Servers to take care of - all backups and updates to reference data (Medicare, MIMS Data, Clinical Coding Systems) are all managed for you.

Let us know who you are and we will provide more information about how to get started.