What is Cross-Platform

and Why is is Important?

SAAS Medical System Practice Management is built with Cross-Platform Technology.

Simply what this means is that it runs either on Windows or the Web.

The Web application is not a “Windows” application hosted on the Web with Citrix or similar – but is a true browser-based applicationthat you can run from any browser on any device (e.g. an iPad or a Sumsung Android tablet).

However, the Windows application and the Web application use the same code for everything except for the user interface.

This means – that with a hosted database – you are using the same Practice Management System if you use the Windows application or the Web application.

The SAAS Medical Systems Cross-Platform approach provides many advantages.

  • You can work with a laptop, integrating with Excel, Microsoft Word, and all your other Windows-based programs.

  • When you leave the office you can continue where you left off using a secure login from any web browser.

  • No need to carry your laptop. All the data and the Practice Management functionality is exactly the same.

The Web interface is responsive and provides most of the same functionality as the windows application.

For busy offices, practice staff are often adept at using an array of Windows-based systems and software (i.e. all data and reports  in SAAS Desktop can be instantly exported to Excel and Microsoft Word when compiling financial analysis reports etc.) – and it may be far more efficient using Word on Windows rather than a web browser.

The SAAS Desktop application has many advantages - not everything that is currently done on a PC can be done as easily with a web browser interface (not yet, at least!)

SAAS Medical Systems enables you to simply configure the Windows application to access the same hosted database. 


This provides the best of both worlds! You can have confidence moving to a 'Cloud Based' Practice' with the assurance that you still have a powerful Windows based client-server system.


The advantages of a Cloud Practice Management System are many – but with the SAAS Medical Systems Cross-Platform approach – you have the power of a PC application when you need it - as well as the convenience of using an iPad or Android tablet - or any web browser anywhere - when it suits.

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