Getting Started with 2 Months Free

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Starting a new Practice or changing your Practice Management software is a big commitment.

You likely will evaluate a number of practice management systems in an attempt to ascertain which one is right for you. With this in mind, we offer a Getting Started package with 2 months free.

We would like to afford you the opportunity to have a fully supported implementation of SAAS Web and SAAS Cloud Desktop that you can run either in parallel with another system, or just as an extended trial either 'live' or with your own test cases.

We'll set up your security and a pre-configured database for your Practice. We'll provide free hands-on remote training sessions and all the help needed to customize your configuration settings to get you up-and-running fast.

If you decide that it's not for you - you can export any live data - and your account will be disabled.

Of course, we hope to have you as a customer for the long term, but in either case, the first 2 months are free.

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